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 DATED 1927
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letter page 1 letter page 2 letter page 3 letter page 4
The schools are about al out around
here to day now! are having picnic
dinner and no program
Milton Iowa
April 21, 1927
My Dear Virgie Rec'd your
welcome letter this evening.
you shurely had a big hail
storm. I had red something
about it in yesterdays
daily. so wondered if it was
in your part of the town
it spoke of damaging the green
houses and the plants was
so damaged by hail and
broken glass suppose it
struck your window was
you scared. we had some
sleet or snow yesterday
evening but melted as fast
as it fell it came about
milking time this has ben
a bright day but a strong
wind and real cold or chilly
think it will freeze tonight
have been cleaning house
a little today. so don't wait to
long or it might get dirty again ha ha.
I suppose I won't get to
see you Sat but hope to
soon. I wrote to you Tuesday
and sent a cake but don't
suppose you will get it
until Sat. as it takes a
letter 4 day to get there
the way the mail goes now
the mail man starts out
and Mr yonker meats him
somewhere and brings our
mail and then our letters
don't start back to town until
tomorrow P.M. and the carier
don't get in until after
the train goes down so it
won't go until the
???? or 3 evening
so if Montie goes to Lebanon
tomorrow I will sent this
that way and see if you
get it any sooner
will close for tonight.
with lots and heaps of love
good night
Friday A.M. Its cold this
morning froze quite a bit
last night but is bright
maybe it will warm up now.
Well my little pig died and
now I have a pet lamb I am
more hopeful of it
its mother died it is a
week or two old
Bettie says tell aunt Virgie
I am a good little girl and
tell her Marilynn is a good
little girl to. we ben playing
they have ben out doors
but guess it was to cold
for them.
I don't know whether
this will be to cold for the
cherries and plumbs or
Will close with love
I am afraid I was not
as smart as I thought
for sending thos violets in
with that cake hope they
won't spoil it.
did not know how the mail
went when I sent them.

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