An elaborate monument was erected in 1868, dedicated July 4, in memory of those soldiers whose enlistment carried them down to death and crowned their names with a wreath of honor, although the men lived not to herald the announcement of the nations' victory. Among the active citizens who managed the enterprise an association was formed, with J. C. McCrary, President; Joshua J. Sloan, Treasurer, and John A. Miller, Secretary. The dedicatorial address was delivered by Rev. Isaac P. Teter.

The monumental list of names follows:

Second Iowa Infantry.

Company A.

Reisner, George

Company E.

Miller, Oliver H.

Bartow, Cyrus

Hoffman, Samuel

Town, Stillman J.

Johnson, James F.

Browner, William

Dunlap, John

Baust, William

Harper, William C.

Nixon, George W.

Metz, Franklin G.

Dahlberg, John P.

Hauk, Henry

Wilson, Benjamin F.

Morrow, John

Caruthers, Cornelius

Van Dorn, John

Mitchell, Levi

Morse, George W.

Robinson, John W.

Crooks, Wilson

Cummings, A. W.

Potter, Edwin, M.

Potter, Henry C.

Shriver, Andrew J.

Shriver, George B..

Van Fleet, William

Vinson, Wesley W.

Mitchell, Augustus

Company G.

Bunner, Solomon W.

Lichty, Joel

Fifth Infantry.

Company H.

Jolley, John

Ebert, Alvin

Shaw, Milton

Hughes, Reason B.

Rogers, Hamilton

Cunningham, Robert,

Lindsey, Samuel

Stookey, John

Easter, Milton

Huffman, R J H.

Nutt, Thomas P.

Stout, Charles

Armentrout, G. W.

Overturff, George W.

Drake, Henry L.

Johnson, Hannibal

Miller, Francis M.

Penn, William R.

Pinkerton, William H

Shepherd, John W.

Whitten, Josiah A.

Sixth Infantry

Company D

Black, George

Company K.

Martin, George H.

Seventh Infantry

Company E.

Pyle, Socrates

McDougal, Henry

Company I.

Moore, Joseph R.

Eleventh Infantry

Company G.

Black, William

Twelfth Infantry

Company G.

Ballard, Strawder

Company K.

Cackley, Benjamin

Cackley, James

Miller, James W.

Thirteenth Infantry

Company A.

Spohn, Henry

Company F.

Stanley, William T.

Simpkins, James D.

Harbin, John C.

Jackson, Murray

Spear, James

Fourteenth Infantry

Company D.

Newbold, Joseph H.

Bucher, Abram

Creason, William H.

Henry, Napoleon B.

Endersby, Edward

Company F.

Lane, Samuel J.

Sunitz, William A.

Grim, David H.

Chapman, Henry J.

Hill, James

Percival, William S.

Hays, Robert

Fifteenth Infantry

Company E.

Smith, John W.

Peyton, George

Hearn, Benjamin

Beers, John

Miller, John

Bean, Albert

Hopkins, Merritt

Hopkins, Milton

Hopkins, Milan

Black, Eldridge

Phillips, Perry

Company H.

Julien, E. S.

Company K.

Airhart, John

Buckmaster, Fred A.

Seventeenth Infantry

Company A.

Biser, C. C.

Carr, William A.

Company I.

Barton, Jonn

Fasnacht, Edward

Nineteenth Infantry

Company D

Stump, Adam

Company H.

Green, Jefferson

Gideon, Theodore

Fisher, Charles W.

Kennion, William

Hearn, Thomas E.

Bonney, Samuel

Kent, Silas

Morris, Alfred

Prosser, H. L.

Groom, Moses

Morrison, William

Cook, Francis M.

Peter, William

Taylor, Levi W.

Keller, Levi

Byres, Samuel M.

Phillips, Joshua T.

Vale, Eli

Lock, William R.

McIntosh, John G.

Eaton, Robert B.

Eaton, William S.

Lining, Thomas B.

Strong Jr., John

Bunner, Volney R.

Company I.

Short, William

Sherrod, Amos

Peal, Furguson

Lemon, George

Swartz, John W.

Strong, William W.

Price, Stephen

Patterson, James

Lee, Jonathan J.

Holliday, William N.

Douglas, John

McGinnis, Lawence

O'Harra, Harrison

Gaddis, Henry V.

Rehkoph, Augustus B.

Johnston, Thomas

McKinney, William

Collins, Rufus

Barker, Joseph A.

Twenty-Fifth Infantry

Company C.

Fry, Hadley

Shields, Robert

Cade, Harry

Alton, Stephen D.

Simons, William

Standley, Andrew J.

Standley, George W.

Boley, Henry

Thirtieth Infantry

Company B.

Haney, Henry H

Henderson, John

Company D.

Binder, Henry

Rogers John R.

Herbert, Albert

Detwiler, Isaac W.

Smith, Thomas

Beadle, Andrew

Coffman, Thomas B.

Walker Jr., Jesse

Weekly, Francis M.

Randall, W. H.

Bonnett, John M.

Anderson, Benjamin

Robertson, William M.

Hurt, Bowen P.

Work, John

Williamson, J. W.

Gaddis, Howard C.

Saddler, George

Saddler, Jacob

Harness, John B.

Prewett, Zachariah

Martin, Thomas

Birch, James

Clark, John W.

Hix, Robert C.

Robison, William H.

McCrary, Andrew

Company F.

Bradford, Lester

Company G.

Howard, William H.

Company H.

Culbertson, Samuel S.

Company K.

Bartholomew, Ezra

Robertson, Fernando C.

Thirty-Fifth Infantry

Company D.

Pool, Ewalt

Thirty-Seventh Infantry

Company C.

Swasey, E. A. M.

Myers, Samuel

Davis, James

Forty-Fifth Infantry

Company K.

Garrison, McKinsey

Fifteenth U. S. Infantry

Company H.

Adams, James B. F.

Engineer Corps.

Simpkins, Thomas D.

M. M. Brigade

Mayne, Lee Roy

Holder, G. P.

Second Iowa Battery

Lewis, Abner

United States Navy

Wells, Charles S.

First Cavalry

Company A.

Morrill, Charles L.

Third Cavalry

Company A.

Hagler, William

Toler, John

Company B.

King, Miles

Grasser, Jacob

Carr, John

Rhoads, George

Wright, Noah

Fox, Hiram W.

Alexander, William

Love, Wesley

Brown, John

Lundy, Frederick

Company C.

Garrett, Pennel

Company D.

Mercer, James F.

Benning, Henry S.

Company G

Thompson, David

Tedlock, William C.

Knox, James M.

Whittlesey, L. L. H.

Walters, Joseph

Gnash, Allen

Blanchard, E.

Cowan, George H.

Mayne, Emanuel

Baker, Albert

Baker, Charles

Miller, Franklin

Miller, David

Matkin, William

Parker, Robert M.

Owings, Douglas C.

Watts, James H.

Burns, S. M.

Cochran, Thomas

Van Brink, Andrew

McSurely, Benjamin

Dehart, Hiram

Roberts, F. J.

Coleman, Thomas

Aylor, William

Company H.

Norton, Nathan

Clark, Widdons M.

Masterson, John H.

Bechtel, Marion,

Caloun, Samuel

Whitacker, Franklin

Lemon, Thomas

McGuire, John A.

Newell, Perry A.

Boon, Jacob C.

Deal, William

Chapman, William

Cronsbeck, Robert

Cronsbeck, James

Company I.

Monroe, James M.

Hines, John

Seventh Cavalry

Company A.

Huddleston, David

Gallahar, William

Gallahar, Calvin

Company C.

Coon, John

Torrence, Thomas C.

Tannahill, Henry F.

Brown, William N.

Eighth Cavalry

Company C.

Junks, George

Nixon, Joseph

McClurg, David I.

Sherrod, William A.

Smith, David M.

Raney, Albert

Company E.

Chapman, Francis A.

Bennett, Lemuel W.

Batchelor, George

Ninth Cavalry

Company I.

Walters, Matthew

Eighteenth Missouri Infantry

Company C.

Aylor, David M.

Twenty-First Missouri Infantry

Company H.

Elican, Israel

Burner, Gustave

Company I.

Park, Revel A.

Drew, George W.

Second Missouri Cavalry

Company C.

Wire, John

Seventh Missouri Cavalry

Company A.

Harridge, Joseph

Seiver, James R.

Bunner, Lafayette

Holder, George N.

Pollock, Lathon O.

Brown, George

Franklin, Thomas P.

Hancock, Paul

Brown, Henry C.

Barnett, Amos S.

Christian, Samuel

Fisher, Robert

O'Harra, Samuel

Company E.

Hagelstange, E. Ernst

Tenth Missouri Infantry

Company D.

Holcomb, Stephen

Eleventh Illinois Infantry

Company E.

Edwards, James J.

One Hundred and Seventeenth Illinois Infantry

Company D.

Brown, Benjamin

One Hundred and Forty-Eighth Illinois Infantry

Company G.

Smith, John A.

Third Illinois Cavalry

Company B.

Yates, Simeon D.

Twelfth Kansas Infantry

Company C.

Byers, John M.

Second Colored Cavalry

Company K.

Shepherd, James W.

First Pennsylvania Cavalry

Holsworth, Samuel

Not Assigned

Abbott, Nathan

The monument grounds are beautifully arranged. The monument and grounds are under charge of Edwin Goddard, such having been bestowed by action of the board of Supervisors of Van Buren County.

Source: 1878 History of Van Buren Co.- transcribed by Sharon Franklin