January the 18th 1863

Dear father I take this
oppertunity to in form you
that am yet a lived I
am not very well at present
but I think i will soon be
well. We left Heelena the
21th of last month and
have been on the river ever
since prety nare we went down
to Vixburg they was about
65 thousand in the fleat
we seen the elephant there
we was down there several
days and dun some prety
hard fighting and come back
up to Arkansas river and
went up it about 39 miles
to a fort up there and we

had a fight there
and we took 5 thousand
of prisnors there and alot
of there cannons and alot
of mules and alot of am-
unition our loss was not
many and the Rebel loss
was right smart we
got one man killed in our
company an one wounded
Milton Fisher was the man
that got killed we didn't
make mutch off the rebels
at Vicksburg our regiment
we are guarding the prisnors
we are taken them upto Santlouis
we are up as fur as memhpis
now I seen Alvan Vast at
memphis yesterday and he
was well and harty.

I ke Heaner at memphis
is but I didn't git
to see him ge was well
I will tell you that I
havent hurd from home
fur about 2 months I
would like to here frome
home. Wyatt has had along
sick spell but he is
beter Heanson is sick
the small pocks is
going through out
regiment i gess we
will go back as soon as
we git up there to
St Louis I tell you
we see ahard time
I have wrote you sevrel
letters but didn't git
any answer

you write to me when
you git this letter if
you pleas tell epraim
I wrote him two letters
and he did not anser
them and i dont intend
to write to him till
he writes to me.
tell Harris to write to me
I havent drawed any
money yet.
I must git this
time some more at
port sent but remen
ber Hearvey O Slutts
to Noah Slutts
Derect to St Louis Mos-